Corporate governance

  • Supervisory Board
  • Board committees
  • Board of Management
  • Code of Conduct
Clement B. ​Booth​, Chairman, Member of the Management Board of Allianz SE

Brigi​tte B​overmann, Vice-Chairwoman, Head of Business Division « Global Insurance Lines & Anglo Markets » of Allianz SE

Philippe C​​arli, Member, General Manager Groupe Amaury

Elisabeth C​​orley, Member, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Global Investors
Charles de C​​roisset, Member, Company Director

Nicolas D​​ufourcq, Member, Deputy General Manager, in charge of Finance, Risk Management, IT & Procurement, Member of the Executive Committee of Capgemini Group

Rob​ert H​udry, Member, Company Director

Thomas-​B​ernd Quaas, Member, Chairman and CEO of Beiersdorf AG

Jean-Hervé Lo​​renzi, Member, Advisor to the Board of the Compagnie Edmond de Rothschild

Yv​es Man​sion, Member, Company Director
Jacques Richier, Member, CEO of Allianz France




The Audit Committee is made up of three non-executive members of the
Company’s Supervisory Board:

  • Robert Hudry, Chairman
  • Yves Mansion,  Member

  • Brigitte Bovermann, Member


The Remuneration and Nominations Committee is made up of three non-executive members of the Company’s Supervisory Board:

  • Brigitte Bovermann, Chairwoman

  • Charles de Croisset, Independent member of the Supervisory Board

  • Jean-Herve Lorenzi, Independent member of the Supervisory Board

The Euler Hermes Group Management Board is composed of five members:

Wilfried Verstraete
Wilfried Verstraete, Chairman. In charge of coordinating the Group Management Board members’ work, steering and coordinating the activities of all the Group’s companies, and representing the Company towards third parties. He also supervises the Group’s Internal Audit, Human Resources, Communication functions and the Company Secretary.

Gerd-Uwe Baden

Gerd-Uwe Baden, Group Management Board member in charge of the Group’s Risks, Information, Litigation functions.

Frédéric Bizière

Frédéric Bizière, Group Management Board member in charge of the Group’s Marketing, Sales and Distribution functions.

Nicoles Hein

Nicolas Hein, Group’s Chief Financial Officer and Group Management Board member in charge of the Group Finance, Compliance, Legal, Tax and Risk and Reinsurance functions.

Dirk Overmann

Dirk Oevermann, Group Management Board member in charge of Operations and, in relation to this, supervises the Group IT function.

​Euler Hermes has adopted the Code of Conduct of its majority shareholder Alli​anz​ which sets out minimum standards for compliance and business ethics for Euler Hermes employees worldwide. The Code gives staff worldwide a framework in which to operate on a daily basis ensuring they act honestly and fairly, and uphold Euler Hermes values. 

The Code places trust and integrity at the heart of the relationship between Euler Hermes and its customers, partners, shareholders, employees and society. 

The Code contains 22 sections and covers i. a. rules on: 

  • zero tolerance toward corruption and bribery 
  • granting and acceptance of gifts and invitations 
  • non-discrimination of employees 
  • no insider trading or recommendations 
  • handling of potential conflicts of interests 
  • prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.