Allianz jobs global network



​Approximately 142,000 people (as of December 31, 2011) work within Allianz Group worldwide. They deal with all aspects of the business of an international financial services provider, offering products and services to approximately 78 million customers in more than 70 countries.


As an international financial services provider, we focus our human resources strategy and initiatives on being the employer of choice for the best talents around the world. Our goal is to effectively support our staff via various development programs and opportunities.


Diversity is a key competitiveness factor, and we continuously encourage diversity in order to best serve various client needs worldwide.



Finding the best talent globally

Allianz is a truly global company, with a very strong local presence in about 70 countries. We have people from all over the world of different nationalities, academic and professional backgrounds, experiences and perspectives – and all coming together to work for Allianz.

Opportunities from A-Z

Allianz is a diverse organization, from both a business and people perspective, offering challenging tasks which give our employees a sense of accomplishment. Allianz provides various development opportunities not only in terms of international projects, job rotations and lateral moves, but also in terms of functional skill and personal development. Our corporate university, Allianz Management Institute (AMI), is considered one of the best in the business and offers quality development programs to managers and senior staff worldwide.